Bedford Rifle Club has been in existence since 1929, initially known as Bedford Miniature Rifle Club. In 1940 the club changed its name to Bedford Rifle Club.

As one of the premier small-bore target rifle shooting clubs in Great Britain, we would like to extend an invitation to:
          Newcomers to target shooting who have never shot before, but would like to experience the sport.
          Those who have tried target shooting previously and would like to take it up again.
          Experienced target shooters who would like to use Bedford Rifle Club’s facilities.

Bedford Rifle Club is a large, active and successful club. For the newcomer, club equipment and instruction is available. The clubhouse is large and comfortable, with welfare facilities including a licensed bar.


Bedford Rifle Club offers the following internationally recognised target shooting disciplines:

10metre Range - six firing points with automatic target changers
.177 Air Rifle
.177 Air Pistol

25yard Range - ten firing points at 25 yards, including PSK (Prone/Standing/Kneeling) facilities
Small-bore Rifle
Lightweight Sport Rifle
20yards NSRA Longarm
20yards .177 or .22 Air Rifle
20yards .177 Air Pistol

Range 1 – 25 yards, 50 yards, 50 metres, 100 yards (twenty-four covered firing points)
Small-bore Rifle

Range 2 – 50 metre, custom designed, enclosed brick built stand-alone range with ten individual bays (firing points), including PSK facilities
Small-bore Rifle
Bench Rest Rifle (.22 Rimfire Rifle, .177 Air Rifle or .22 Air Rifle)
NSRA Longarm
Field Target

To arrange a preliminary visit, either to experience the sport of target shooting, or the top class facilities for the more experienced performer, please e-mail your interest to:

For travel directions and opening times please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page.


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We share the facilities with the Bedfordshire County Rifle & Pistol Association. Click on the logo to visit their website